We love our clients! Here’s what they are saying:

Alison is an amazing trainer, and an all around awesome person! I have been working out with her every week for two years, longer than have stuck with any fitness routine. Starting out, Alison adjusted workouts to my level, and continues to offer modifications when needed. Over the past two years I have seen myself get stronger not only physically, but also mentally. Alison always pushes me to do better, and working out with her has led me to do things I never thought possible. She truly cares about her clients, and challenges them be their best self. Alison has taught me so much and I cannot recommend her enough. I am so happy to have found such an amazing trainer and friend.

~ Hannah Peckham, Evernote

I have had the (dis-)pleasure of working with many trainers and regimes over the years and Alison stands out head and shoulders above the rest. On account of my many unpleasant experiences with trainer-lead groups, I tended to work out solo according to my own workout plan. This routine solved for the lackluster trainer part but I often found myself stagnating on my pre-planned circuits. Alison changed all that. Her workouts are meticulously planned with enough variation to keep my body guessing. Furthermore the exercises she keeps in her stable are actually sane and not ten different variations of one-handed backflip burpees. If that wasn’t enough, Alison is an awesome person and genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being. You should probably stop reading this and hire her already.

~ Garrett Plasky, Evernote

Simply put, Alison is a phenomenal trainer. She designs workouts in line with your goals, and checks in at the beginning of each session to see how you’re feeling. Alison pays keen attention to form and alignment during the exercises, making you feel confident in your movements. With her genuine warmth and subtle encouragement, before long, you’re able to do things that you never would have thought you’d be able to do.

You will sweat, you will push yourself, and laugh – a lot.

After every single workout, I feel better than when I arrived, and I’m always reminded of the power of exercise to boost your mood. I can’t recommend Alison highly enough.

~ Kathleen M.,”this is what 47 looks like!”

Let’s be honest – staying consistent with exercises is half of the battle.

Alison is my guiding force – I stayed consistent and am so much stronger because of her commitment to showing up every week and kicking my butt. She kept me accountable, honest, but most importantly motivated.

She is a true professional. I asked for some kick butt TRX moves, she had them, I asked for a weight workout, she knew tons of great moves. I asked for some cardio, she knew the perfect drills for both high intensity training & also general fitness training.

Alison is amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.
Through her motivation and encouragement I too have began the process of becoming a certified trainer. Alison has changed my life for the better and I am so thankful to know her.

If you’re looking for a great instructor and an even better personal trainer – look no further. You won’t regret it!

~ Michelle Cavalcante, posted to Yelp